January 28, 2022

When the chemistry isn’t there on tv

When you watch a television show, you’ll likely see at least one married couple. Some shows are built around married couples. However, that doesn’t mean that every couple is loved by viewers. They might not be able to communicate with each other or might not have just the right chemistry to portray that they’re in love on the show.

George and Izzie
If you’ve seen “Grey’s Anatomy,” then you know that there are several best friends on the show who are of the opposite gender. Instead of venturing into a relationship, George and Izzie should have stayed friends. You could tell that the relationship seemed strained and that they didn’t seem to be paired well in a relationship aspect.

Ted and Robin
At the end of the day, Ted and Robin were a couple on “How I Met Your Mother.” However, the show tried to signal that the pair weren’t supposed to be together. Viewers were left confused as to whether they should have really been a couple on the show or not because of how strained the relationship was in the beginning.

Joey and Rachel
Most “Friends” viewers know that Joey and Rachel weren’t destined to be together. They gave it a go, but the friends just didn’t have the chemistry needed to be a couple. The relationship as friends seemed to have suffered a bit after they tried dating.

Jon and Dany
On “Game of Thrones,” this couple was beyond wrong as she is his aunt. This means that the couple dated while being related to each other, which is something that viewers just didn’t like.

Logan and Rory
Logan was never a character meant for love on “Gilmore Girls.” He didn’t seem to be interested in Rory, and the two didn’t seem to want to develop their relationship past friends. They often found ways to showcase the worst features that the other had, which didn’t play out well on the show.

Fitz and Olivia
On “Scandal,” this couple seemed to start out well together. However, they soon started to appear rough around the edges and weren’t able to pull off the life that they wanted to live.

Aleksandr and Carrie
This is only one of the men who Carrie seemed to get stuck with on “Sex and the City.” Viewers wanted her to be with someone who would truly love her. This relationship meant leaving her friends out of a lot of events in her life and eventually resulted in viewers not wanting to watch the two together on the show.

Andy and Erin
This relationship on “The Office” looks to be one that’s pushed together. The show appeared to need two people who were in a relationship, which ended in the two not having the chemistry that they needed to pull off being in love.

Dawson and Joey
“Dawson’s Creek” showed viewers a few couples who were meant to be friends. Although you could see that Dawson and Joey loved each other on the show, they weren’t meant to be together as a couple. However, Pacey was just who Joey needed.

Archie and Veronica
Although “Riverdale” might be complete with Archie and Veronica together, the show didn’t come together for them at all. Viewers saw them kissing and making out all the time, which isn’t always what a relationship is about.

Willow and Kennedy
Willow didn’t need another relationship on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” She should have stayed single in order to get over her girlfriend’s murder instead of being shoved into a relationship with someone who she didn’t love.

Tom and Ann
On “Parks and Recreation,” viewers wondered what Ann saw in Tom as she didn’t seem to really be that into him. The relationship was strained because they weren’t a good match with their personalities or overall qualities.

Fez and Jackie
This is an odd couple with two people who just seemed to start dating after Kelso left the show.