January 28, 2022

The boy who wanted to read to the world

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact across the world. Thankfully in some countries, we are starting to see some normality return and the future is looking a lot brighter. While the pandemic was difficult for everyone it was amazing to see some of the positive responses that took place when the impact was at its worst. When the severe lockdowns were in place and people were forced to stay indoors, many people rallied together to find solutions and help their community. One of these people was Bryan Rumfelt.

Bryan Rumfelt is only seven years old but he is already starting to have a massive impact on those around him. Bryan is an intelligent boy and loves to read. When the pandemic hit he got through the long days by reading more and more. From talking to his parents he soon came to understand that many people had their lives turned upside down far more than him and he wanted to help. He realized that many children who are used to having stories read to them were not able anymore. Perhaps their parents were too busy or the person that used to read to them was no longer able to visit, or perhaps they used to read books at school and no longer had that opportunity as there were no books or people to read at home.

Bryan felt that he wanted to do something. With the help of his parents, he set up a Facebook group called “Bryan’s Book Corner” where he reads to anyone who is interested to listen. At first, his parents thought it was a nice idea and they were proud of Bryan for asking to do it, but they didn’t think he would get a large audience. Yet as Bryan continued to read the number of members continued to rise. At present, there are 3,400 members in the group and it is still rising.

Bryan loves reading and helping people and with this book group, he is able to do both. It is not the first time he has shown his charitable side. In September 2017, when Bryan was just four or five years old Houston, Texas experienced incredible flooding. The city was in a state of disaster and Bryan wanted to help. He managed (with the help of his parents) to raise $3,000 and donated to two charities in the area.

In 2019 Bryan saw that a local store was closing that was beloved by kids in the area. He convinced the owner to keep it open and today it is thriving as many children love visiting the shop. It is clear that Bryan has a great heart.

We are not sure from reading the stories how much of a role Bryan has in coming up with these charitable acts or whether he is simply the poster boy of his parents’ initiatives. Either way, he is learning some excellent examples of how to help his fellow man. When children are born they haven’t formed strong empathy yet and have to be shown how to be empathetic. His parents are providing a great example of how to care for others in the community.

Bryan posts an average of three videos a week on the Facebook group. You can see from the videos how much he cares about the task he is doing. The Facebook group was opened at the start of the pandemic and Bryan has continued to post more and more videos so is clearly committed to the cause he has chosen.

While Bryan is clearly a bright, intelligent young boy it is his caring nature that makes him stand out. While only at the age of seven we are certain that Bryan will grow into a compassionate young man and do some great things for the world.