January 28, 2022

Man builds rooftop mountain

Here is the narrative of a man who built a mountain on the top of the building! A millionaire from Beijing, China decided to create an artificial mountain on the top of the 26-story skyscraper. The unconventional millionaire doctor named Zhang Biqing formed a mountain on the rooftop of his building. He took more than six years to complete this task. The peculiarities that the mountain holds are trees, turf, and large majestic rocks. The gorgeous mountain holds such beauty that it would compete for the luxury of any resort or private beaches. The rooftop mountain is a sweet place and states a sense of peace. Amongst the urban landscape, the sight of this man-made mountain worked as a spectacle to the eyes. But here is the twist.

The consequence of missing the formalities

 Unluckily Zhang Biqing was not able to meticulously finish his work. He failed to pay attention to all the aspects of his task. He had not followed the legal aspects and realized it only later. It landed him in great trouble, and his creation was also at stake. He needed to pay attention to all the aspects before creating the rooftop mountain villa. It included clearance from the local municipality and the neighbourhood as well. Sadly, the man missed these points and got trapped in a legal situation. Biqing knowingly or unknowingly lost the legal contracts before he started working on his dream project.

Unpleased neighbours

After all the years of his hard work and investing in a man-made mountain, there was one more unfortunate outcome. The neighbors of Zhang Biqing were not pleased with this at all. Only after six years of building the Chinese rooftop mountain, he came to know that his neighbors never liked this project. The downstairs neighbors were against the continuous construction at the building top.

Permits are necessary

And then the neighbors did the unthinkable. They were so against this man-made mountain that they started filing complaints against it. The legal administrations of the place were forced to take action against this project of Biqing. The neighbors kept filing complaints until the authorities remained passive and did not take action. After receiving complaints daily from the proposed neighborhood, the local authorities issued a legal notice to the millionaire man Zhang Biqing. As per now, according to the legal order, he only has a period of 15 days to remove the mountain. If he fails to do so, the Chinese rooftop mountain will be abolished compulsorily by the authorities.

Your viewpoint

Just imagine if it was you in the place of the neighbors mentioned above of the millionaire man. Would you long on the thought that you may be invited someday to the exotic private property of the millionaire man? Or otherwise wouldn’t care about his inheritance and complaints against the unpermitted project?