January 28, 2022

A woman discovers the photobomb of a lifetime after a holiday trip

When you take a picture, you focus on what you’re trying to capture. You want to make sure you look great. You want to preserve a memory and a place you’ve been. Maybe you want to capture the stunning background behind you, or maybe you’re standing in a place of importance.

Traveling gives people many moments to capture. Many places around the world are iconic, like the Taj Mahal in Agra or the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

A woman on a holiday wanted to visit the United States. Her name was Mae Archie, and she was excited to visit New York for the reasons most tourists visit the state.

One thing she wanted to see was the Beatle exhibition in the city because this was one of her favorite bands. After visiting the exhibition that she loved, she wanted to take a picture to capture the moment. She found a zebra crossing that reminded her of the famous Abbey Road crossing made famous by The Beatles.

She took the picture, and she was happy she did. Of course, some strangers were in the picture, but someone she captured was quite special. What’s worse is that when she finally figured it out she understood that she missed an incredible opportunity to meet someone iconic. This was someone she could only dream of meeting her life.

When Mae Archie took that picture, Sir Paul McCartney passed by. It didn’t seem like he was aware that anything was happening, but even if he was, it’s clear that Mae had no idea one of her idols crossed the streets of New York with her.

Well, that’s not entirely true. She mentioned that she locked eyes with the man as he passed by, but it didn’t click, so she just ignored him as anyone would. For a moment, she thought that the man who passed by looked familiar, but she couldn’t put the pieces together. Mae said the man winked at her, but she still didn’t figure it out and pretty much forgot about him.

For some time, Mae did not know this had happened, nor did the person taking the picture. It took her a while before she paid close attention to the guy in the picture, and it was a shocking discovery. Being photobombed by an original Beatle was unbelievable and something that stung for a minute. She missed her opportunity to meet a legend in person because she was busy taking a picture.

After she found out she missed this big moment, Mae decided to upload a video. She was completely transparent about the moment she missed and how long it took her to notice the iconic Beatle was in her picture. This went viral. Some people found it as amusing as she did. The video got more than 50,000 views, and it’s probably going to continue to grow because it’s such a hilarious photobomb.

Most people sympathized with her. Everyone knows that feeling when you miss something important even though it’s happening right in front of you. It was such a crazy moment, and everyone joined her in her moment. Some people even shared their own tales.

The people who have seen her story cracked up because it was so funny to have such an important moment in your life slip through your fingers. She’s a real fan of The Beatles and still didn’t recognize him quickly enough. Mae is probably going to pay attention to the people around her. The reality is you never know who you might see while you’re out and about. You just have to pay close attention.