January 28, 2022

Celebrity barber gives a homeless man a dramatic transformation!

When you are homeless, there are many small things that you go without daily. Obviously, food and cash are two of the main problems homeless men and women face. But one problem the homeless face that we often don’t consider is the fact that they usually cannot afford to get their hair cut when they want to. For example, you may see a lot of homeless men with long, unkempt hair and beards that need to be trimmed or shaved. That’s because they do not have the money or resources to keep up with the growth. Instead, they are struggling to simply survive day-to-day.

Think about it- if you were homeless, where would you go to shave? Even if you did have the money to spend on razors, you still may not have a place to go every day to get the shave that you want. You may also want to get your hair cut every couple of months or so, but you simply don’t have the disposable income to spend on a barber. You’d rather spend what you have on food and shelter.

Luckily, there are some barbers out there that are willing to do work on the homeless for free. A French barber headed to his TikTok page to share an incredible transformation he did on a homeless man. David Kodat is a celebrity barber who goes by the name @davidkodatofficial on the social media app. Kodat regularly shares different clips of his work, such as before and after pictures of his client’s hair. However, this particular transformation stands out from all of the rest for sure!

Being a kind-hearted man, Kodat decided to give to the community by providing a free makeover to a homeless man. The man we see in the barber chair has long grey hair that is clearly disheveled as well as a beard that reaches down past his neck. It’s obvious that his hair and beard have not been taken care of professionally in quite a long time!

Kodat first spins the chair around to give his viewers a 360-degree look at what he is about to work with. When he shows the man from the front, it’s difficult to figure out his facial expression under all of the hair. Is he smiling? Is he nervous? It’s hard to tell!

What’s even worse about the situation is the fact that the poor man’s hair is matted in the very back. This can happen when a person isn’t able to keep their hair clean and neat every day. However, Kodat is ready to tackle the issue. He gets to work quickly, cutting off large sections of tangled, matted hair. It doesn’t take long to reveal the man’s happy smile! As he shows himself cutting away, this fantastic barber also shows just how much hair is now on the floor. It’s truly an amazing amount!

It doesn’t take Kodat long to clean his client up. When the video gets to the very end, viewers can see what a difference he has made! The man now has much shorter hair and a manageable beard. He looks almost unrecognizable! You can clearly see how happy he is with his new look.

The video now has more than 3,000 likes, with many viewers jumping to the comments to throw in their thoughts. Many are stunned, saying how much younger the man looks without all the hair. One viewer commented that the change was very radical but that the new look fits him. Another mentioned the “goodness” they saw in his eyes. A third user said that the hair and beard transformation changed everything about the man.

Kodat has more than 150,000 followers on TikTok and has posted over 150 videos to date. When you watch his videos, it is quite obvious just how much he enjoys his job as a celebrity barber. It’s wonderful that he also takes some time to give haircuts to the homeless. He’s a barber worth following on TikTok for sure!