April 12, 2021

What your dog wants you to know

Having a dog is one of the nicest parts of life. You come home to a loving pet who wants to sit by your side or play with you. Dogs have unlimited affection for their owners and are a great companion for anyone. Of course, sometimes they are not easy to manage. It would be much simpler if we could speak the same language as dogs but for now, that is impossible. However, if your dog could talk we know a few things it would definitely say. Read on to find out what your dog wants you to know.

Stop hugging

Some dogs hate to be hugged. If you ever give your dog an embrace and they struggle to get free, then it is clear they are not comfortable. This makes sense. Dogs are not humans. They don’t understand how we perceive hugs and to them, a hug of love is not that different from a hug of constraint. If you really want to hug your dog, approach from the side, from their eye level, and don’t hug too strongly or in a closed manner. Allow them to leave the hug when they want to.

Don’t pull the leash

Walking a dog can be hard work. Sometimes if you have a strong dog it feels like you are being taken for a walk rather than the other way around. Even with small dogs, they can get distracted and start to inspect every part of the sidewalk. Don’t settle for this. This is not how walks should be and it simply shows that a dog doesn’t understand what the role of the leash is. You need to train your dog properly so that they understand that a walk is a time for them to stay by your side and for you to lead. The leash simply acts as a subtle way of communicating. It is not intended to be a constant tug of war.

Don’t walk when it’s hot

Have you ever ran across the sand and felt your feet burning? This is how dogs feel when you take them for a walk on a hot day. So many dogs suffer burns to the bottom of their feet and their owners never realize. Try to think of the temperature before you go for a walk. Test the sidewalk by placing your hand there for thirty seconds, if you can’t bear it, don’t ask your dog to.

Change the games

Dogs love to play and the standard game of catch is a favorite for most dogs. Try to change it up occasionally though. Dogs also love tug of war and this can be a really rewarding game. Some people avoid this game as they feel it makes their dog aggressive but this is just another opportunity for a learning moment. Try and alter who wins the tug of war to keep it interesting and if they ever go a step too far by biting your hand or making contact with teeth, stop immediately. They will soon learn that is not allowed. 

Keep a routine

Dogs are simple animals and when looked after with a clear routine they understand it can be easy. However, if you don’t have a consistent routine in your life and as a result have to interact with your dog in different ways at different times, they are confused. Dogs need a routine to understand how to manage their behavior.

Dogs are lovable animals and will do anything for their owner. Sometimes they will do too much and it means they are doing things they hate just to keep you happy. Whether that is going for a walk that is no fun, allowing you to hug them when they hate it or playing the same old games. Try and read your dog’s behavior a little more and respond accordingly.