July 25, 2021

What to know when taking your pet on holiday

It is your responsibility to ensure that your pets are happy. When going out for a holiday, you should decide whether you’ll leave them under the care of someone else or you’ll carry them to your destination. 

If you choose to carry them, you should be aware of the requirements that you must fulfill before starting your journey. This article will guides you through every step of travelling together with your pets.

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What to Check Before Carrying Your Pet

  1. Is your pet stubborn? Remember that you are going on holiday to rest and enjoy it. If you carry your restless pet, you can be certain that you will not have peace during your entire vacation. For example, avoid carrying cats and rabbits since they are not used to travelling!
  2. Does your hotel allow pets? Some hotels do not allow pets. As such, you should book a hotel that allows pets before setting off for your journey. Also, ensure that you will get the meals that the pet requires during its stay there
  3. Have you had a veterinary check-up? Ensure that your cat is healthy and fit to travel. You should get all the necessary vaccinations to avoid problems with law enforcers
  4. Do you have a reuniting plan? Some pets can be mischievous! As such, you should devise a technique to locate them if they get lost. These could be microchips or a well-labeled collar

Pets You Can Take on Holiday


Lonely planet
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These are some of the friendliest creatures. Having them around will spice your holiday. However, you must ensure that:

  1. Your hotel’s policy allows its stay
  2. Your destination is not too hot. If the temperatures are extreme, ask your vet how you can protect it from heat stroke
  3. That you create a familiar environment for them. For example, you can carry its favorite blanket for use in the hotel

Also, ensure that you protect it from any harm. At night, you should illuminate its path and allow them to explore their new environment


If you need to carry a cat to your destination, you provide it with a hiding place. You can use a cardboard box or an igloo bed to make it comfortable.

Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

Additionally, you should carry a familiar-smelling item to help it acclimatize with the new environment fast. This will also help it to remain calm and relaxed.

Rabbits and Small Animals

These pets can be stubborn! If you must travel with them, you should transport them in a familiar environment to reduce stress. Also, ensure that they can access a nest, food, and water both during transportation and your stay at the hotel.

Source: Vets4pets

Can You Take Your Pet Abroad?

Whenever you’re ferrying your pet abroad, you must follow all the rules strictly. While some of the rules are constant, others will vary with the destination country. 

Ensure that you get all the necessary vaccinations and comply with all the requirements from all regulatory bodies.