May 14, 2021

Vaccine could maybe stop people from being allergic for cats

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but what about the cat? For centuries the human race has worshipped the cat. Granted calling them our best friend may be a stretch as they don’t show the same qualities of loyalty and love that a dog does, but cats are pretty cool! If they are not our best friend, perhaps they are our greatest ally or our respected equals (i think that is what most cats would say). Either way, cats are in so many homes in the world as cherished pets, they are clearly loved. For some people though, it is not possible. Those who are allergic to cats can never enjoy the satisfaction of petting a little fuzz ball, and frankly, it is just not fair. All that may change in the coming years as scientists believe they have cracked the code to solving the cat allergy.

pixabay cat
Source: pixabay cat

In the times of the ancient Egyptians, cats were treated like gods. Has anything really changed? Today, cats dominate the internet and to those who own cats, it often seems as they really are treated as gods. Cat worshipers aside, they are a mainstay in people’s households and will continue to be for some time. 

It is estimated that 10% of people are allergic to cats. This means that many people who adore cats will never get to own one. How many relationships were ended when one partner moved in with another, realized they were allergic and said “its either me or the cat”. The cat, of course! As James Blunt would say “Goodbye My Lover”. What if it could all change, what if the cat allergy could be defeated? 

Scientists have developed a HypoCat vaccine that neutralizes the allergy. The best part about it, people don’t have to get any injections or take any pills, your beloved cat must simply get one jab. The vaccination stops the allergy from triggering in nearby humans and makes it possible for 100% of the population to embrace kittens. Don’t get too excited. While trials are ongoing it may take up to three years before the vaccine is released to the public. Until then I feel sorry for those of you who can not feel the satisfaction of having a small kitten snuggle beside you on a cold night. Soon you will know this love!