March 29, 2020

This is the story behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine´s Day has been celebrated for as long as most can remember. What many do not know is that Valentine´s Day is not another Hallmark holiday created to force couples to buy gifts for each other one random day a year. It has much more significant. In this article, we will discuss how Valentine´s Day came to be and why it should matter to you.

Source: Pexels

Why is it called Valentine´s Day anyway?
The name Valentine´s Day is linked with Saint Valentine, the patron of this particular holiday. Historians can´t fully agree on which Saint Valentine it was (there were three) but the best story is undoubtedly that of Saint Valentine of Rome in the third century. At the time war was rampant and men were forced to follow a life of solitude and fighting instead of love and happiness. Saint Valentine was not happy about this and would secretly marry Roman soldiers. Once the emperor found out, he put St.V to death and the day honors him and the romance he so bravely protected.

Why do we celebrate in February?
As is so often the case with holidays, the date was chosen as a tactic to take attention away from a Pagan ritual by the Catholic Church. At the time there was a Pagan holiday in February that celebrated fertility and the Catholic Church sought to convert people to Christianity, they had to give them something in its place. Don´t be too upset, while we do have strange Valentine´s traditions (why are we drawing bloody hearts for our lovers) they have become much more rational than the pagan days when goats and dogs were sacrificed to appease the Gods.
One aspect of the Pagan holiday that still appears today is that single women would drop their names in a large vase. Men would take out a name and be partnered with the chosen woman for a period of time, often resulting in marriage. An old age Tinder, without a doubt!

Modern Day V Day
Today Valentine´s Day is celebrated all over the world. Approximately 145 million cards are sent each year for this romantic holiday just showing how important it is to lovers around the world. It is interesting to note that women purchase 85% of these cards. So, gentlemen, it looks like you have some work to do. Women have shown you that this holiday matters and now you must put your efforts into showing them how much you care. 

Of course, romance is not once a year, it is a lifetime. So don´t wait for the excuse of Vday to buy flowers or cards. Show your loved one today, just how much you care.