January 23, 2021

Things you should never say to a woman that is single

Single girls get unsolicited advice from different quarters on best dating practices. While the advisors may have a genuine reason to help, some of their utterances can backfire and leave the spinsters frustrated.

As such, everybody should be sensitive enough to avoid phrases that hurt. This article consolidates some of the words you should never use when advising single girls on relationship matters:

You’re Excessively Choosy!

Dating requires mutual feelings for each other. Girls cannot go for any man just to impress the people while the decision is consuming them internally!

Being choosy is fine. There is no need to consistently remind singletons that they choose their man already.

There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

It is not about the number of fish in the sea but rather our fish. This phrase makes girls uneasy since they think that they are weak decision-makers!

Girls should never just settle for any other fish, they should only choose their right fish.

How Come You’re Single

This is meant to be a compliment but it’s honestly disgusting especially when said repeatedly. While it’s true, pointing it out too often will not change the situation.

I Wish I Were Single

This is a common phrase spouted by close friends who feel they should have spotted the girl in time. But saying it does not help. You’re no longer single!

I Have the Perfect Man For You

This is not only inappropriate but outrightly rude. Unless your friend had asked for help looking for Mr. Right, you have no business making suggestions.

She is the only person who knows the man she’s looking for. As such, you should give her space to get him rather than bombard her with suggestions that are likely to end in an awkward situation.

Time is Running Out

Well, everyone has the right to manage their lives. Trying to institute pressure on girls to get married is unfair to them.

Do you know whether the girl is happy being single? Let the advisors learn to respect the privacy of every girl.

Would you Mind Asking Him Out?

Whether to ask a guy out or not is an independent decision. Unless the girl has invited you for advice, you should keep off such suggestions.

Don’t Break Your Lineage

Well, we know that the pressure for family continuity is real. But girls do not need constant reminders of what to do at what time.

This is a common line among relatives who don’t want to outrightly ask whether their girl has a boyfriend. You should politely decline further engagement on the topic. Unless you’re comfortable with it.

Who Are You Going To Take?

Well, the man I choose will have impressed me. I don’t have to go by anyone else’s’ standards but mine.
If I feel he’s the right man for me, I wouldn’t hesitate to take him out for a date.

You’ll Be Next

When you attend a wedding, you’re likely to be informed that you could be next albeit jokingly. This phrase leaves the girl frustrated. She has probably not even identified the right man for her!