August 12, 2020

Things to consider before buying a bird as a pet

While keeping a bird can be awesome, potential owners should know that birds are some of the messiest pets in the world. In fact, many bird owners are forced to modify sections of their homes just to make it comfortable for the birds to live in!

Unlike your proverbial cat or dog, a bird requires extra special attention. With this in mind, here are some things you should know before buying a pet bird!

Birds Can Be Loud and Rowdy

Source: Pexels

While some pet owners are in love with the chirping of their birds, not everyone finds it adorable. Especially if you hate your morning snooze being interrupted! For example, birds like the hookbill can vocalize so loudly that they could literally split your ear drum in half. So, when choosing a bird as a pet, take into consideration the type of vocalizations they produce.

Birds Make A Big Mess

Any potential bird owner should keep in mind that birds are some of the messiest creatures on the planet. For example, they love to throw tidbits out of their cages and mess up the floor below.

So, as a potential bird owner, it’s paramount that you keep your pet’s cage clean, and clean up after them whenever they make a big mess!

Bids Are Social Animals

Source: Freepik

Surprised? Yes, birds are social animals. They love the company of their owners and that of other birds. In fact, your bird can go crazy if you don’t allocate some time from your busy schedule to tend to it. If you can’t do so, then owning a bird might not be such a good idea.

A Special Diet Just for Your Bird

Owning a bird that is healthy and active is no easy task. Don’t expect to just live it with a bowl of seeds and everything will be fine and dandy. You need to feed your bird a generous serving of vegetables, fresh fruits, and a variety of foods. Not only will this maintain the bird’s nutritional intake, but provide psychological benefits to the bird too!

Birds Can Be Masters of Destruction

Source: Pexels

A bird out of its cage can be uncontrollable. Especially if its beak is left overgrown. To maintain the beak, it is essential that you exercise the jaw muscles by continuously feeding the bird and letting it chew. This enables the bird to not thrush violently from an overgrown beak.