October 26, 2020

These Simple Steps Will Help You Get Through Heartbreak

We’ve all been there – mourning the end of a relationship, or hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t share our feelings. Luckily, that lovesick feeling doesn’t have to last forever, and here are some simple things you can do to help yourself get through heartbreak.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-looking-at-sea-while-sitting-on-beach-247314/

Accept that you need to grieve

Losing love hurts, and it’s important to remember that you will feel grief, and to accept it. Give yourself a few days where you allow yourself to feel sad – as once you get those emotions out, it will be a lot easier to process them. Just make sure that you bring that time to an end with a plan for how to move forward, as spending too long focusing on negative feelings can hold you back. 

Take time to do positive things 

It’s tempting when you feel lovesick to withdraw from the world – but it’s important to continue to do things that you enjoy, even when you don’t feel like it. Spending time with friends, seeking out things that make you laugh, and doing exercise you enjoy are all great ways to keep yourself occupied and also release happy hormones that will help you through your sadness.

Take control of your social media

Having an ex or an unrequited love on social media makes it so much harder to put them out of your mind. Telling yourself you won’t check their profile or read their posts is all very well, but it’s hard to stick to in a vulnerable moment, and once you take one quick look, it’s all too easy to take another. Unfollow them, get rid of shared photos, and focus on positives intead. 

Remember- sometimes things just don’t work out

Blaming yourself for things not working out is very common, but it’s also often not true. Relationships are difficult and complex, and are often affected by many different factors – both people involved are likely to have feelings and concerns around commitment, life goals, compatability and intimacy that are based on past experiences and can have a huge impact on what they want from a relationship. Which means that, in most cases, the fact that things didn’t work is more likely to do with those factors as it is to do with your value.

Don’t try to force it 

It can be almost overwhelmingly tempting to try to fix things when a relationship is over – but once a decison has been made, pushing things never helps. In fact, it might not feel like it, but when you’re heartbroken, the most positive thing to do is to allow yourself to start the process of moving on. It might not be what you want in the moment, but it’s the only way to achieve happiness in the longer term.