March 29, 2020

These are the costs that you can expect if you adopt a furry friend

They say that dog is man’s best friend. But owning a cat extends past the confines of friendship. It’s a big responsibility to say the least!

And, if you’re contemplating to have a furry friend in your home, you need to be aware of the financial obligations that come with it.

In fact, most cat owners are flabbergasted by the incredible expenses that pile up every year from the maintenance of their cats.

When It Comes to Felines, Money Talks

Source: Pexels

The phrase ‘cash rules everything around me’ holds weight in the pet ownership department too. One simply cannot own a pet if they do not have the financial power to do so. Especially in the west, where a cat is considered a silent extension of the family.

The cost of maintaining your cat will vary depending on the quality of care you wish the animal to receive. For those who are open to spending big, cat maintenance can average about $1000 a year. This is according to ASPCA estimations.

And considering the fact that cats have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, you could be looking at a whopping $12,500 PER FELINE. Yikes!

Nevertheless, such an estimation is dependent on other internal and external variables. For example, do you live in a state with a high cost of living? Or does your cat have chronic health issues that require constant medical attention?

Such unprecedented issues could see you spend up to $20,000.

How to Save Money on Cat Ownership

Source: Pexels

There are number of ways you can save a quick buck for a rainy day when it comes to cat ownership. Unfortunately, starving your cat and skipping routine veterinary exams are not some of them.

One smart option is by taking out an insurance policy for your feline. Most policies factor in emergency issues or chronic health problems. They can save you money in the long-run, especially if your cat requires regular medical checkups.

Budgeting for your cat is also another way to go about it. By allocating funds for your cats monthly maintenance, you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing all the essentials at once. No more unwarranted visits to the pet shop to buy your cat expensive snacks!