November 26, 2020

The rose: a symbol of beauty and love

Roses are without a doubt the most romantic flower. While some try to steer clear of them at romantic times because they feel they are cliche or boring, most women would disagree. Roses offer so many choices and hold a special place in most flower lovers’ hearts that they can not be ignored. If you love someone, treat them to roses and see just how happy it makes them.

Source: blue

Roses come in many shapes, colors, and varieties and each one has a different and special meaning. Of course, you should take account of your partner’s favorite color and favorite flower when planning something but you can’t fail when sticking with tradition either.

The red rose has been the symbol of love and romance for a long time. The Greeks were the original people to associate the flower with romance but many cultures have placed this importance on it. Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love. It is believed that when she was born white roses sprang from the earth in her honor. Later in her life, she loved a human. Another God became jealous of their love and tricked the human to go hunting, planning to kill him on the trip. When Aphrodite found out she rushed to his aid. In her haste, she cut herself on a rose and bled on it. She was too late to save her lover and cried as she held his body. The mixture of blood and tears over the white rose created the new red rose. Now a symbol for their undying love and the love of partners forevermore.

Source: aphrodite

The color of the flower you choose is very important. White roses symbolize pure love as well as chastity and innocence. Orange roses represent sympathy and longing. Yellow roses are beautiful in a bouquet but tend to symbolize friendship and solidarity so be careful you are not sending the wrong message to your loved one. Pink roses represent luck and gratitude. 

So would a rose smell as sweet if it had any other name? I am sure it would but the rose is not just a sweet smell. It is a history of romance and significance. Treat your loved one today.