May 14, 2021

The kindest man in Detroit

Here at Bright Story, we love a random act of kindness. The latest one that we heard about from one of our readers made our heart swell with so much joy that we just had to share it with you. Today there are so many people under financial pressure due to the uncertainty caused by the economic situation and the coronavirus pandemic. If we can help each other during this tough time we will all be better off for doing it. 

The setting for our story is a tax office in Detroit, Michigan. At the moment the queues are particularly long in these offices as everyone is trying to work out their financial situation and this office was no different. The office was full and the queue was backing up. A woman was at the front of one queue and was talking to the cashier. It was clear to everyone in the room that she and the cashier were crying. 

Everyone in the room tried to turn away, not because they didn’t care but because they wanted to give the woman some privacy in dealing with this ordeal. The man behind her though had nowhere to turn and he overheard the heartbreaking story. The woman had failed to pay her taxes for some time now and she was about to lose her house. He heard the woman tell the cashier that her daughter had recently died and she just needed some time to get back earning money. The cashier was equally distraught, there was nothing she could do. The house was foreclosed and it would soon be auctioned off.

It is likely that if anyone else had been standing behind this lady, she would have lost that house. However, on this day, Michael Evans was standing behind her. Evans is a prominent businessman in the Detroit area and although not a well-known face or name he is behind many of the businesses in the area. He owns a restaurant and a driving school, among others. When he heard the sad story taking place, he stepped in straight away.

He asked the cashier if the woman could pay her taxes today, could she keep her house. The cashier was confused by both the interruption and the question but after some hesitation said yes, it was still possible to be saved. Evans asked how much was owed and was told that $5,000 would need to be paid today or the house was gone. Evans went straight to the bank and was back within thirty minutes with the money. He saved the woman and her house.

Michael Evans is not a man for the limelight and when he returned to the tax office he actually asked a stranger to hand over the check as he didn’t want any more attention. However, word got out. Soon people were asking Evans for interviews and the woman’s family were doing anything they could to thank him for his charity. After some digging, it became clear that this was not his first charitable act.

To Evans charity is a part of life. He lives a comfortable life and knows that he has more money than many other people. He takes this as an obligation to help those who need it and hs raised money for people through his restaurant, donated free driving lessons to teenagers from poor families, and more. 

Recently Michael Evans received the Spirit of Detroit Award for a lifetime of charitable acts. Evans is now 60 years old and is soon set to retire. However, the city of Detroit will not have to go on without his charity. He has instilled in his son the same charitable way of life and his son, Michael Evans the second, has vowed to try and give the same example to his children in years to come.