March 28, 2020

Seven amazing films about real-life love stories

TV and movies have created a legion of hopeless romantics. Those of us who believe in serendipity, love at first sight, endless love, and of course undying love. Does it really exist or are we chasing an impossible dream? In actual fact, many of the Hollywood romances we fall in love with are based on true stories. Continue reading to discover if your favorite rom-com is inspired by real events.


1.  50 First Dates

The Adam Sandler classic tells the story of a woman who can´t remember anything but the day she is in. Sandler´s character falls in love with her and must woo her every day for the rest of her life. But is it true?
It is, in 1994 Michelle Philpotts suffered a tragic accident that meant she could no longer hold any new memories. Her husband has to show her daily how they are married and live a happy life together. Somethings are too good to be true, but this one is real.

2. The miniseries Chernobyl

The recent mini-series received much acclaim for its brutal yet realistic telling of the Chernobyl disaster. One important element of the show was the romance between a firefighter who fought the disaster and his partner. While many elements of the story were exaggerated, this one was real. Vasily the firefighter and his wife are depicted in this show. He receives terrible radiation poisoning and is not allowed to see anyone. His wife risks her life to be with him.

3. Eat Pray Love

This Julia Roberts’s classic is the story of a woman who is not living the life she wants. She leaves everything behind and goes to India to find herself. While traveling Asia she meets the man of her dreams. This movie is based on a real story and depicts it almost exactly as it happened. The only difference, in the movie the couple, choose not to marry. In reality, they do.

4. Die Weisse Massai

This movie tells the story of a woman who gives up everything to be with her lover in Kenya. A brutal and honest story shows the hard life she chooses and eventually leaves behind. The tragic story is true and shows that while true love in movies can be real, so too can failed love. 

5. Ai no Korida

Sometimes love can be too much. In this movie, we learn the story of a woman who loves her partner so much she ends up murdering him. I won´t divulge any details as the movie has to be seen to be believed but the most shocking aspect is that it is true. Surely a lesson for all modern lovers in this movie. Love your partner, but don´t smother them (figuratively or literally).

6. Winter Cherry

The story of a woman with a child trapped in a loveless marriage who must find a way out. She had another lover who always promised to make her life better but never took action. The same is true in the real version of this story where a woman named Nadezhda Repina fell in love with her screenwriter. She promised to leave her marriage to be with him and did so, but he stayed in his relationship and she ended with nothing. A cautionary tale.

7. The Vow.

The Vow is a true romantic dream. It is the story of a woman who falls into a coma and upon awakening does not know her husband. He must fight for her love from the beginning. This story is based on a true story and shows that true love is not always about timing or luck, but some people are destined to be together.