March 28, 2020

Russian farmers put cows in VR, hoping they would produce more milk

With the world having approximately 7.7 billion people, farmers must embrace technology to improve production which is necessary in feeding every individual around the globe. 

Some of the techniques that farmers use to boost productivity include installation of automatic scrubbing brushes, adoption of animal mattresses, and playing cool music to entertain and relax the animals.

However, specialists in Russia have gone a notch higher! They have devised a technique that put cows in “mootrix” and VR glasses. This article analyses this outstanding approach.

Source: BrightSide

Farmers have realized that stress is one of the major factors contributing to low production among cows. As a result, a myriad of stress-relieving solutions have been suggested. 

This particular one was premised on the findings of research undertaken by Wageningen University and Research Institute. It showed that an imprivement in the environmental surroundings of cows leads to improved health and milk production.

The innovation involves the use of glasses that enable the cows to see a green summer field thus increasing their appetite significantly. The device helps the cow to remain calm and relaxed at all time which increases its milk production and enhances the milk quality.

The glasses are designed to fit into the anatomy of a cow’s head thus guaranteeing comfort. Also, different types of glasses will process different colours depending on the eye strength of the individual cows.

The Verge
Source: The Verge

When the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Moscow tried the device on some cows, they realized that cows with the glasses were happier and stress-free. The general improvement of the cows’ mood led to an increase in milk production. 

While there are still doubts about the working rationale of the glasses, it is clear that comfort and calmness improve the productivity of the cows. 

Well, if the glasses can improve milk production, then it is a cool way of resolving the problem of low production!