October 1, 2020

Russian couple reunited after 60 years apart

Can you imagine staying away from a person you love for more than 60 years? Well, this is what happened to a Russian couple! Anna Kozlov and Boris fell in love more than six decades ago but it was short-lived. Three days after their wedding, Boris disappeared without a trace and she was forced to relocate to the countryside to live with her family. 

This particular day, Anna had gone back to the village where they lived with her husband, albeit for three days! Coincidence or luck? Well, it was on the same day that Boris came back to the village to visit his parents’ graveyard. When Anna saw a man alighting from a car, she had no clue that it could be her long-lost husband. But she was shocked! Boris was right in front of her. 

Source: Pexels

With teary eyes, they embraced each other and none was willing to let go of their partner. Nostalgia took control of their emotions and they could not help but stare at each other in awe.

The story of their marriage is riveting. Their first encounter was when Anna was making a speech as the secretary of the Young Communists in the village. Boris was amazed at her beauty and eloquence. Afterward, he proposed to her and they got married in 1946. Unfortunately, the honeymoon lasted for only three days since he had to report to his work station in the Red Army Unit.

Pressure piled on Anna until she went back to the village to live with her parents. Boris was frustrated as his efforts to trace Anne bore no fruits. After years of waiting, he gave in and re-married. Anna’s parents wanted her to remarry too and forget about Boris. She resisted vehemently but her actions only fueled her mother’s wrath. One day, she burnt all the photographs of Anna’s wedding! Her love for Boris was still intact.

Source: pixabay

When Boris came back, his love for Anna had not withered. He felt the urge to rekindle their romance and marry her. As a result, they remarried! Anna described the special day as the happiest in her entire life. They lived happily thereafere.