March 29, 2020

Romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas

They say that the wedding day is the most important day in someone´s life. This surely means that the proposal is of incredible importance too. The proposal should be something unique, personal and romantic. It should show your partner how in love you are and how special they are to you. If it goes well you will create a special memory for a lifetime. In this article, you will find truly unique approaches to the proposal that will leave your partner smiling until the wedding day and beyond.
Source: Pixabay

1.The cute approach

Only certain people can pull off the cute approach, but if it is your style, embrace it fully. Utilize your pet, your niece, your nephew, doves, animals at the zoo, or the new baby Yoda that everyone is so excited about. Find something cute and incorporate it in your proposal, this will leave your bride (or groom) to be smiling for a lifetime.
For example: Create a fake fight with your partner over how she never washes the dog, bring the dog in to highlight how filthy it is. While showing how filthy you think it is, note how you keep finding things in the dog’s fur. Suddenly, find the engagement ring and viola! Cute, personal, and a guaranteed YES!

2. Make her work for it

The proposal is hopefully the greatest moment of your partner´s life. Don´t give it away so easily. Take her on an adventure, on a hike, on a scavenger hunt, through a maze. Make a fun game and have the proposal the final sweet cherry on the romantic ice cream. Top tip: Hire a photographer (or friend) to capture her surprise at that final moment.

3. Use your creative side

Can you write? Draw? Create? Use whatever skills you have (or your friends and family have) to create something truly special. Write a poem, a song, a piece of art that leads to the proposal. You could even hide the proposal in a puzzle or crossword. Show her how much you care in the detail and attention you take.

4. Make it extreme

If you are the adventurous type then do not propose at home in front of the TV. Take her (or him) on an adventure, climb a mountain, take a hot air balloon ride, go skydiving (mind the ring). Take that extra leap to make the moment last a lifetime.

5. Don´t be too cheesy

Remember this is a special moment, not a gimic. Don’t make the mistake of focusing so much on the approach that you forget the reason. It is all about her (or him) and making your partner feel special. So do anything to highlight how much they mean to you but don´t get distracted by the sideshow. Ensure that whatever happens, she remembers the proposal forever not you passing out because you are afraid of doing a bungee jump.

In the end, follow your instincts and your heart. It is your relationship, so no one knows it better than you.