May 14, 2021

Photos of animals in the womb (15)

The next photo report is really beautiful and you have certainly never seen it in your life. The photos show embryos of animals that are still in the womb. And believe it or not,  nearly all of those won’t have you guess the animal for long.

Among other things, we see an elephant, a dog and a dolphin. We will not reveal more yet.

1. A baby penguin

Source: Lebabi

It is clear that this is a penguin that will soon crawl out of the egg. The space in the shell is very tight, so it is almost time to explore the world outside.

2. A bat

Source: Lebabi

What does a bat look like before it is born officially? Just look at this photo. It looks like Halloween! The animal looks pretty frightening, while it is actually not unfriendly at all.

3. A cheetah

Source: Lebabi

This cheetah already looks just like we know the beautiful animal. Its fur has even developed and it already carries the characteristic spots. It may be clear that the little one in this photo is still in his mother ‘s belly, given the ‘food source’ that protrudes from his navel.

4. A baby dolphin

Source: Lebabi

Take a look at this fetus. There will be no doubt that this is the beginning of the life of a dolphin. And the little one seems to be having a great time already. Does it not seem like the animal is smiling? It even has its fins already!

5. An elephant

Source: Lebabi

Nobody will have any doubt about what kind of an animal this is. The elephant seems so small here, but eventually, it will grow into the largest land mammal that lives on our planet. It is wonderful to see that the fetus seems to be fully grown already.

6. A horse

Source: Lebabi

It might be a little harder to tell what kind of an animal this could be. It could be a goat or a zebra, for example. However, it is ‘just’ a horse at the earliest stage of its life. Nice huh?

7. A baby kangaroo

Source: Lebabi

We shall certainly be impressed by anybody who would have guessed the animal on this picture without having read the headline above. This is a baby kangaroo, but that is not immediately obvious. The little one here can be seen in its mother’s pouch.

8. A shark

Source: Lebabi

It is still small now, but once it is born, this shark will become one of the most dangerous animals in the ocean. Even as a fetus, it is soon clear that this little one is a shark. Its nature and the large and ‘scary’ eyes look exactly like an adult specimen.

9. A puppy dog

Source: Lebabi

Puppies are cute right after they are born, but this photo proves how precious they are even before birth. Just look at how this little one is lying in the womb, with its feet up.

10. A snake

Source: Lebabi

This is a very small snake. It looks like an alien now, but not frightening. That will probably change once the animal is born. Many people don’t like snakes and think they are dirty animals …

11. A squirrel

Source: Lebabi

This clearly is a squirrel. What a sweetheart. The animal looks adorable. However, within a few months, the little one will already be running around the gardens and collecting acorns and nuts.

12. A chimpanzee


Here you can clearly see how much humans and chimpanzees actually do have in common. When we look at this chimpanzee fetus in the photo, it becomes obvious that the animal could also be confused as a human!

13. A baby pig

Source: Lebabi

One can figure out that this animal is going to be a small pig by its snout. His hooves have also been formed. The little one looks exactly like an adult pig already. The animal seems to be having a good time in the womb because it looks like it is smiling.