April 12, 2021

More reasons to love dolphins

Dolphins are incredible animals. If you have ever been lucky enough to see a group of dolphins playing in the water you will know just how spectacular they are. They are incredible to watch and seem to enjoy life so much. There are many things that most people don’t know about dolphins that make them even more amazing. We want to share those facts with you.

Dolphins were once land lovers

Science suggests that humanity started in the water and evolved to become land animals but did you know that dolphins actually once roamed the Earth? The earlier version of dolphins had toes and hooves and could walk on the land. There is plenty of proof of this too. Dolphins that are still around today have the evidence of finger bones in their flippers and the remains of leg bones too. Can you imagine if dolphins were still roaming the Earth today? They would be the second-best pets (ahead of cats, behind dogs obviously).

Dolphins love a late night

Have you ever seen a dolphin napping? Neither have we. It would actually be pretty difficult for a dolphin to sleep. They have to come to the surface of the water for air every few minutes and typically resurface four or five times every minute. This would not work if they needed to get a few hours sleep as well. Instead, dolphins have evolved to do something called unihemispheric sleep. They can allow one half of their brain to go to sleep while the other stays awake. This means they can breathe, remain alert at all times, and still get a refreshing nap. 

Dolphins have names

While your local tour guide may like to name a dolphin Fungi or Steve they already have names. Dolphins communicate with each other using clicks and whistles and scientists have now realized that each dolphin has a unique signature whistle. Dolphins have been found to use the signature whistle of other dolphins to get their attention. This really changes our perception of the intelligence of these animals. They clearly have relationships, friendships, and knowledge of other members of their group.

Dolphins use tools

This is one that won’t surprise many. There have been so many dolphins in shows where they are seen playing with balls, rings, and other objects that it makes sense they use tools. In the wild, they use them a lot too. When dolphins are scavenging for food they will use a sharp shell to pierce through the sand. They are doing this instead of using their snouts to protect them. Even more interesting is that dolphins pass on this ability from generation to generation. They actually teach each other how to use the tools.

Dolphins like to get high

There has now been some evidence showing that dolphins enjoy recreational drug use.  A group of dolphins was seen playing with a pufferfish. We know that pufferfish are poisonous and that in small doses the drug acts like a narcotic. The dolphins were witnessed passing the pufferfish from one dolphin to another. After playing with the fish they stayed on the surface of the water and appeared to be amazed by their own reflection.

Dolphins are one of the most incredible animals in the world. Whether it is the fact that they came from the land or their constant shows of intelligence we can’t help but be fascinated by these incredible animals. Dolphins have been employed by the US military for years because of their incredible intelligence. If you have a chance to see these dolphins in the wild, make sure you do it.