May 30, 2020

Man helps an owl tangled up in fishing wire ?

The plan of the American Craig Loving was to hit a ball on the golf course of the Lost Creek Country Club near his hometown of Austin while he was having his day off. But things turned out differently.

When Craig arrived at the golf course, he had to postpone his hobby when he saw an owl in need. The animal seemed to quietly be sitting on a branch in a little pond next to one of the golf holes. However, there was more to it …

Source: YouTube

The owl could not fly away. The wing of the poor animal was in fact caught in fishing wire. And because of that, it could not get away from it. One of the wings could not be used due to the strong wire.

Craig then decided to put on a wetsuit of the golf club and to heroically go into the water. There, he hoped to be able to free the owl . However, the question was how the animal would react to him coming so close …

Source: YouTube

Craig calmly approaches the owl with a pair of nippers in his hand. When he finally cuts the fishing wire, he sees that the problem is not yet solved. The wire is wrapped around the wing.

He carefully grasps the wing of the animal and tries to release the wire. The frightened bird is watching the man constantly, but it knows that his intentions are good. And so it stays calm.

The man decides to take the bird from the branch and out of the water and he manages to move the animal aside with a stick. That way he can see if the problem has been solved. Things turned out to be successful because soon after, the owl spreads its wings and flies away. Craig succeeded!

Watch the video of the heroic act below:

Source: YouTube