April 11, 2021

Largest ball of chewed gum in the world

Barry Chappell, after 6 years, has created something that needs to be seen to be believed. This largest ball of chewed gum in the world weighs in at around 175 pounds and measures 62” in circumference. Barry Chappell has sculpted this giant ball made entirely of chewed Nicorrette gum.

Barry Chappel was a heavy smoker for several years of his life, but his life changed 15 years ago when his son was born. After the birth of his son, he immediately quit smoking and switched to Nicorette gum as a means of transition. But it soon became so much more. The thing that began as a promise to his family very soon turned into a crazy adventure that would eventually set a world record. We know it is very hard to believe, but it’s true.

It took him 95,200 pieces

After chewing 95,200 pieces of Nicorette chewing gum, Barry Chappell has reached his ultimate goal. Now Ripley’s Entertainment is coming to Art & Coin TV to make this record official and present their first award ever for the World’s Largest Medicated Gumball.

When Barry was asked how to create something like this, Barry Chappel said, “The very first thing you need to have is a strong stomach and a great sense of humor”. So talking about how to create something like this, you may need a few other pieces of equipment to create a giant ball of chewed-up medicated chewing gums. Then only you will be able to create a giant ball that measures 62 inches in circumference and weighs in at 175 lbs.

In case you too want to create your own gigantic ball, you will require a few things. We have put down the list of necessary requirements.

  1. A true dedication and addiction to nicotine.
  2. A good amount of money, around $30,000, to spend in Nicorette gum over six years.
  3. Access to a sauna
  4. Water bottle with spray system
  5. A hairdryer

Here are some of the basic steps that Barry Chappel goes through to add more and more pieces of chewed gum to that already existing gigantic ball.

  1. First of all, warm up the smaller chewed pieces of gum in a sauna
  2. Then spray some water to keep it malleable.
  3. Pick up the good and play with it.
  4. Now take the semi-melted chewing gum and start blending with the rest of the mass.
  5. Using a hairdryer, keep it warm.
  6. After a few years, enjoy the fruits of your years of labor.

So, if you also want to create that gigantic ball out of medicated gum, you will need to get the prerequisite and follow the instructions daily. These are the instructions that Barry Chappell himself follows every day and that has made him create that world’s largest gigantic ball.