March 29, 2020

John and Ann Betar, the longest married couple in the USA, almost did not marry each other

Many people are struggling in their marriages which has led to a high divorce rate globally. However, a couple in the US have lived together for more than 80 years!

John,101, and Ann Betar, 97, were recently declared the longest-married couple in the US. What is interesting about their relationship is the fact that they almost missed the chance to be together!

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Ann and John were brought up in Bridgeport, Conn. They became friends in high school and John could occasionally pick Ann and escort her to their Connecticut school.

When Ann’s parents noticed the unusual relationship, they were unhappy about it. His father was particularly hurt since he had other plans for her.

It’s only later that Ann realized the source of his father’s fury; John was about to thwart his plans to marry her to someone 20 years her senior. 

However, their love was strong enough to overcome the adversaries.

When they realized that they could not win it through amicable talks, they ran away to New York City in 1932. Her father was furious and he vehemently lamented her daughter’s decision.

Interestingly, these lovebirds eloped during a season that was characterized by tremendous transformation. In 1932, the world experienced the Great Depression and World War 2.

Ann opined that they experienced difficulties and barely had money to survive.

These difficulties never stopped them from loving each other. They went ahead and married while in New York against her father’s wishes.

On November 24, 2013, the couple celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the father was not around to witness the joy on Ann’s face. It would have been an emotional day for him as the guilt of his attempt to marry her daughter to her senior consumes her. Nevertheless, the day progressed well and the couple was declared the longest-living couple in the US.

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Source: Daily Mail

Ann and John have 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren.