January 22, 2021

Is there now proof that aliens exist?

The question of whether aliens exist seems to increase in popularity every couple of years. Whether it is due to a new movie in the cinema or a strange video going viral people have a strange obsession with life outside of our planet. While most of us picture UFO believers as tin foil hat wearing people in their mother’s basement, the figures are much larger.

In the US 33% of people say they believe in UFOs while 7% remain unsure. 60% do not believe that UFOs have visited Earth. This is a very different question to one of whether aliens exist. Given the huge number of planets and galaxies in the world, it is likely that aliens exist, the question is have they been to Earth? 16% of those in the US not only think they have been but claim to have seen them. 

It may not be so crazy to believe either. Most of us can not come to terms with separating science from science fiction and when we hear about UFO sightings our minds immediately go to the movies. Recently some news stories have broke that may add weight to the UFO theory.

In April, the US Pentagon released three videos that it had declassified that contained “unexplained aerial phenomena”. The videos had already been leaked in 2007 and 2017 so the news did cause as many shockwaves as some would have expected. Looking at the three videos there are small items flying in front of the screen of navy pilots’ planes. The objects are impossible to identify. To take them as proof as aliens seems a bit of a strong leap but the fact that they can’t be explained is interesting. 

The timing of the videos does lead to some suspicion. We are in the midst of the greatest crisis to humanity in many years and America is not coping well with it. The reason America is not coping well is due to bad decisions in government. The rising numbers of death in America while other countries have battled well can be laid squarely at the feet of the government. It is entirely believable that they would release anything they could to take the attention away from the coronavirus, even for a day.

The videos didn’t succeed in taking attention away from the virus for even that long. It mostly passed by unnoticed. It makes sense too. The videos are confusing and uncertain. Something is flying in a strange way in the sky. It could be anything. It could be man-made, it could be something else. 

However at present right now we have a much more important uncertainty and that is the virus. It is more real and present danger and so people are focused on it. The military had previously admitted that these videos existed but said that they could not be released because they could cause “exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States”. Now that they are released there appears to be no grave damage.

While there are many questions about the reason for these videos being shared and the contents within, it is not our job to answer those questions. If we can look at these videos and for a moment think that aliens may exist and may have visited our planet than that alone is pretty exciting. Whether it is a hoax, nonsense, or something real, it doesn’t matter right now.

The videos that have been released do not contain enough information to make an informed conclusion. Until more information is provided we can’t really make a judgment on what is happening. Until that time we can just watch, enjoy and wonder.