April 3, 2020

Important things you should say to your partner every day

If you’re determined to build a strong relationship with your partner, you should never hesitate to offer positive compliments. Here are 12 phrases that you should consistently tell your partner:

I Love You

Never feel like it has become monotonous to utter these words to your loved one. It offers an unmatched assurance that you still care about them regardless of their weaknesses.

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Even better, this phrase requires zero creativity! All you need is to develop a habit of frequently saying it to your partner. 

I Was Thinking About You

Letting your partner know that you are thinking about them enhances loyalty. They will feel indebted to you and your love life will flourish. 

How Was Your Day

Diary of a mad mind
Source: Diary of a mad mind

Knowing about your partner’s daily experiences draws you closer to them. However, you should be more specific to further spice it up. For example, you can ask about the progress of a specific project, the conditions of their workplace, or any other personalized question.

I support You

A couple should be willing to support each other regardless of the situation. Mentioning this phrase to your partner gives them a sense of security, boost their self-confidence, and give them incredible energy to face every situation. 

I am Sorry

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This is a golden word that you should never ignore. It boosts respect between yourselves and reduces wastage of energy on anger. As a result, a couple that utilizes this word has a lot of positive energy to handle projects that improve their lives

You are the Best

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A partner may need your assurance that you still value them. As such, you should frequently tell them that they are the best and nobody will ever replace their place in your heart.

I Love Your Thinking

If you get into a habit of thanking your partner whenever they suggest a solution, they will get motivated to make you happier. Their confidence in you will increase significantly, which will boost the overall health of your relationship. 

I Respect You

Respecting your partner should come flawlessly. However, when things seem tense, you should take the advantage to reassure them that you respect them. That way, they will relax and respect you back.


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Telling your loved one goodnight shows that you care. You should accompany it with a kiss which further boosts your affection towards them

I disagree

Disagreements do not always mean disrespect. If you’re uncomfortable with their decisions, you can always outline your reservations. If you respectfully handle the situation, your partner will be grateful that you pointed out something they hadn’t thought about.

Let’s Go

Your relationship requires adventures to spice it up. As such, you should frequently arrange trips together. This will build the bond between you and your partner.