May 13, 2021

How the right place and right time saved a 12-day old baby

Being in the right place at the right time counts for a lot. In the case of one police officer, it meant that he could save a life. This incredible story shows that the flashing lights of a police officer are not always bad news. 

Kemira Boyd was a new mother. Her child was 12 days old at the time and her stepmother was staying with her to help her look after her young baby in those early days. The first 11 days of raising a child were hectic but perfect. Her little baby was in perfect health and she was elated with being a new mum.

The twelfth day started like any other. She fed and burped her baby Ryleigh and then got her step mum to watch over him while she went for a shower. Soon though, tranquility turned to drama. Kemira’s stepmother came rushing into the bathroom screaming. Little Ryleigh was choking and she didn’t know what to do. 

Kemira had read all the required baby books and knew that holding up Ryleigh’s arms would likely solve the blockage but after trying and trying, Ryleigh was struggling more and more to breathe. Kemira didn’t know how long they had to solve the issue, but she knew they didn’t have long. They jumped in the car and started driving to the hospital.

As they pulled out of their street and sped towards the hospital the lights of a police car started to flash behind them. Kemira in her panic didn’t even notice the lights initially but soon the police car made it clear of its presence and she pulled to the side of the road. Kemira jumped out of the car with Ryleigh in her arms and screamed at the officer to help, that her baby wasn’t breathing.

Deputy Will Kimbro was the officer who pulled them over and took the child in his arm. He quickly saw how serious the situation was and radioed for an ambulance. The bad news was that the ambulance was seven minutes away and the hospital was even further. Looking at the baby’s condition he was sure that the baby would not survive that long. 

Deputy Kimbro had recently completed a CPR class though and knew how to administer CPR to a young baby. His shock and panic immediately went away and his training took over. He slowly massaged the baby’s chest to try and keep the heart pumping blood into the body and brain. He knew this would help but he could not rely on this for seven minutes, so he used one finger to clear a blockage from the baby’s throat. Amazingly it worked. The baby started to fuss and cry again. Ryleigh was clearly upset but she was breathing. 

Kimbro assured the mother, if the baby is crying, then she is breathing. While he presented a relaxed image to Kemira, inside he was still worried. The emergency services were still five minutes away and he worried that the baby could start to choke again. In his mind, he felt that whatever happened he couldn’t let the baby die at that moment, not in front of his mother, not on his watch.

Thankfully the child was brought to the hospital and made a full recovery in a short amount of time. If Kemira had not been pulled over then who knows if the baby would have survived. If Deputy Kimbro had not been on duty, again, who knows if that baby would have survived. Thankfully he was in the right place at the right time and had the knowledge to save that baby’s life.