May 14, 2021

How fast food has actually saved a life

Everyone knows that if you eat too much fast food it will send you to an early grave but now we want to share a story with you about how one man’s life was saved by eating fast food. Kirk Alexander would have died if it was not for his love of Domino’s pizza.

Kirk Alexander is 48 years old and works from home in the town of Salem, Oregon. He is a quiet man that largely keeps to himself. The one strange thing about Kirk is how much he loves Domino’s Pizza. He is not just a fan of the pizza, he loves the salad, he loves the chicken wings, he loves everything that Domino’s pizza has to offer. He loves it so much that he has ordered his late-night meal from the delivery store almost every night. It could be the late hours that the store delivers at, it could be the variety of the menu or it could be the kind staff that doesn’t judge his dietary habits and are happy to have him as a customer that makes Alexander love that store so much.

Whatever it is that causes Alexander to love the store, it struck those working at Domino’s as odd when he suddenly stopped ordering. After about ten days with no order, the employees started to ask questions. They thought it was best to stop by Alexander’s home to make sure he was ok (not to check if he was suddenly favoring Pizza Hut). The delivery woman who had stopped by Alexander’s home many times over the last ten years immediately thought there was something strange going on. She could see that the TV was on but there was no answer at the door. She checked in with her boss back at base and they decided to call 911. 

Immediately when officers arrived on the scene they could hear someone calling for help. They broke down the door and found Alexander barely alive on the floor, in need of serious medical attention. If he had not been found Alexander surely would have died. He likely only had a couple of days left before it was all over. 

Sarah Fuller, the general manager of the store, said it was all part of their job. She described Domino’s Pizza as a family and said they were immediately worried when Alexander stopped making orders. Fuller had been serving food to Krik Alexander for roughly ten years. The distance between the store and his house was only a few minutes so she had made the delivery many times herself. She was grateful that they could help him but said they were just happy that he was going to be ok. 

Later when Fuller and the rest of her staff visited Alexander in the hospital he immediately knew what they had done for them and was delighted to see them that night and now in the hospital. Fuller and her assistant manager then appeared on a number of morning TV shows and were given a few gifts as thanks. The best moment though was being flown to Vegas to speak at the Domino’s Pizza corporate rally. Fuller’s attention to customer needs is an example to all the other branches of the company of how they should value their clients.

More than that, though Fuller’s actions are a reminder to all of us of how vulnerable those who are alone are in our society. While some people prefer to be alone and that is perfectly fine, it is important to check in occasionally on our neighbors to make sure they are doing ok, especially when times are tough.