January 22, 2021

Hero dad saves his wife and kids from a wolf during a camping trip

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. The words of the classic children´s song have always suggested that the surprise in the woods would be teddy bears having a picnic, which would be amazing to see, although rather unlikely. What surprises could you actually potentially encounter in the woods? In America and Canada, campers are all too aware of the dangers of bears in the woods and most have some knowledge on how to scare them away, but would you know what to do if a wolf attacked? That is what happened one unlucky Canadian camper recently, and he survived to tell the tale.

Pixabay wolf
Source: Pixabay wolf

Matt Rispoli was camping with his family in Canada when they were attacked by a wolf. The family was getting ready to sleep in a tent that night when they felt a violent attack taking place on the tent. The whole tent started to shake and it was clear some animal was not happy with their presence.

The family thought it was a bear and Matt knew how to respond. He tried to scare the bear away but instead of feeling the soft fur fleeing the scene, he felt the sharp teeth of a wolf clamping down on his arm. The strong wolf started to drag Matt out of the tent towards the dense forest. His wife grabbed Matt´s leg and slowed the wolf down but he was still attacking. 

At this point, mum and wife lay on top of the kids to protect them while Matt desperately punched the wolf with his free hand to get away. Luckily some nearby campers heard the ruckus and came to his aid. Together they were able to keep the wolf away long enough to escape and tell the story.

Remember whenever you are in the outdoors you are in someone else’s home too. Be careful, take precautions, ask locals and just in case, bring some doggy biscuits. You never know when you will need them.