October 1, 2020

Happy gecko is smiling the same way his toy is smiling, making them an adorable couple

Critics of the internet say that it is used for nothing but for looking at pictures of cats. They fail to see the potential of the most intelligent network man has ever created. A world of information is literally at our fingertips. We could find out anything within seconds. See anything we wish within moments. Yet they say all we do is look at cat pictures! How wrong they are! For example. Here are some amazing pictures of the most adorable gecko!

This is no ordinary gecko (is there such a thing as an ordinary gecko?) This gecko is called Kohaku, a leopard gecko and he is just stunning. What makes this gecko even more amazing is how photogenic he is at only four years old. Check out this cheeky gecko winking for the camera.

winking gecko
Source: winking gecko

Kohaku also has a favorite toy, a small plastic toy gecko that he loves to hang around with and be next to.  Look at how proud he is of his little friend in this next picture.

proud gecko
Source: proud gecko

Geckos are nocturnal creatures so many of the pictures of Kohaku feature him sleeping, but occasionally he wakes up to delight the cameras. Here he is sticking a tongue out for all his Instagram followers. 

cheeky gecko
Source: cheeky gecko

Kohaku lives in Japan and has amassed over 31,000 Instagram followers to date. Not bad for a little gecko. 

Due to their small size, geckos’ main predators are snakes, birds, and even spiders. No fear for little Kohaku though as he is well looked after.

Have you ever thought about owning a gecko? They are less work than a dog or cat but still need to be cared for in a unique way that respects their habitat. These little cuties are pretty safe and will eat smaller spiders too, so are great to have around the house. Let us know if you would choose a gecko as your perfect pet, or something else? 

gecko and pal
Source: gecko and pal