March 28, 2020

Grandma and grandson are doing a road trip together and try to visit every national park

When was the last time you spoke to your family? Told them you loved them? Did an act of kindness? What about your grandparents? When did you speak to them last? When did you visit them? Grandparents are a gift, they do so much for their grandkids and expect nothing in return, they feed us sweet treats and treat us like kids, even when we are starting to grow old ourselves. As we grow older it is important to give back, to look at your grandparents, not for a handout but to give a helping hand. Brad Ryan recently did this when he took his aging grandmother (aptly named) Joy to some of the wondrous national parks of America.

Source: Pixabay Yosemite

Joy had always spoiled Brad, taking him to the outdoors when he was a young child but when his parents divorced he didn´t get to see Joy anymore. In fact, he didn´t see or talk to her for 10 years. After one chance encounter where Brad and Joy bumped into each other, Joy spoke of those good times and how she missed their little adventures and had dreamed of seeing more in her life.

Source: Okchicas

Brad showed that he may be the greatest grandson in the world with what he did next. He went home and planned a trip. The following day he rang Joy and asked her to go exploring with him, she would have to stay in a tent, sleep rough, but she would get to see the mountains, a dream of hers. Joy didn´t hesitate and the pair have been adventuring since. 

Source: MSN

The duo has now visited half of the (61) national parks that are in America and are not stopping there. This beautiful story highlights how we should perceive our elders, with respect, not pity. It also shows how we should pay back those who looked after, and likely sacrificed so much to take care of us in our youth. Its time to pay some of it back! Let´s do it!