April 8, 2020

Four Creative Gifts That Will Show Your Partner How Much You Care

Gift giving can be tricky – how do you find the perfect present that shows your significant other just how much you care? One failsafe solution is to get creative and make them something truly personal. Even if you don’t have artistic skills of your own, there are lots of ways to put together a present which will tell that special person that they mean everything to you. Here are some of the best.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/smiling-woman-hugging-another-person-2292932/

1. Make Them A Scavenger Hunt

If you already have a gift in mind, creating a scavenger hunt is a great way to make the process of giving it more personal. Set your loved one some clues to where to find their present – the more you can relate them to moments you’ve shared, in-jokes, or things you know they like, the more special it will feel. The clues don’t have to be long or complicated – but they’re a fun way to let your partner know you’re putting time and effort into their gift. 

2. Make a Book of Your Love Story

It might sound ambitious, but this sweet gift can actually be very simple – as your partner will appreciate the effort you’ve put in no matter your creative skills! Get a nice blank notebook, and write out the main milestones in your relationship story – then for each one, add a photo, drawing, quote or memorable item like a ticket or receipt from the day. You don’t need to write pages and pages – just a line or two will give them a romantic trip down memory lane

3. Build Them a Weekday Survival Kit

People today live challenging and stressful lives, and it’s probable that your partner has parts of their job and other day-to-day responsibilities that they find hard work. Making a survival kit of supplies that you know will brighten up their day is a lovely way to show them that you care. Think about the things that they like – favourite snacks and drinks are always a good bet, as well as little luxuries they might enjoy in their breaks or at the end of the day. 

While it’s not essential, it’s also a nice touch to package a week’s worth of supplies together – think about putting them in a nice box or even a handy tote bag so that your partner can take them with them. 

4. Plan a Perfect Day Together

If you don’t have the time or money for a holiday, spending a luxury day together can be just as good. Think of all your partner’s favourite places and things to do that aren’t too far from home – a restaurant or cafe they love, a walking route they like, a favourite home-cooked meal or take-out place, or a movie you both love. Whatever will be special to them, book out a day to spend together, but don’t tell them what you have planned – then surprise them by treating them to all of the things they love most.