March 28, 2020

For these reasons love is good for your health

Relationships can be extremely healthy, especially if you toss aside the arguments and scuffles. Yes, even science thinks so!

And it’s not all about the champagne and chocolate you get to eat on Valentine’s Day.

No, it’s more than that:

According to Dr. Helen Riess, author of The Empathy Effect, here are some important ways in which a relationship can heal your physical and mental health.

A Source of Happiness

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Doesn’t it feel amazing to fall in love? That’s because your brain releases a large wave of dopamine. If you can recall your biology, dopamine is a chemical that’s associated with pleasure, appreciation, and positivity.

As the love continues to blossom and mature, dopamine levels will stay exceedingly high as you settle into the relationship.

Love is A Stress Reliever

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As the relationship continues to grow, your brain starts to produce a second chemical, oxytocin. This is the chemical that causes that warm and fuzzy feeling that fosters a bond between you and your partner.

Once you get attached, the simple act of being in the presence of your partner can actually lower adrenaline and cortisol levels, which are associated with stress. Even a mere phone call can bring your neurochemicals back to normal.

Reduced Anxiety

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In recent times, science has proven that loneliness can actually shorten your lifespan by affecting your health.

For one, a sense of loneliness increases anxiety making people feel threatened and insecure.

So, having a partner in your life can greatly reduce anxiety and curb any impending mental problems.

Love Makes You Value Yourself More

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Having someone who pushes you to look good, to take care of yourself, and to make your doctor’s appointment is important. There are a lot of people living in denial about any medical illnesses they have.

But having someone with them is more likely to prevent them from shrugging aside any sudden complications they experience.

A partner might even notice an allergy that was under the radar!

You Will Live Longer


Numerous studies have shown that married couples live longer compared to single individuals. One of the reasons why is because of all the emotional and social support one partner receives from the other.

Your partner will want to hold you accountable for your lifestyle and provide all the emotional support that you need. This not only lowers depression but also blood pressure and substance abuse.

But this doesn’t mean that being single is an automatic death sentence. A study carried out in 2010 has shown that social relationships also foster longevity. Which means having a close circle of family and friends is positive for your health.