August 12, 2020

Facts that make the largest cat spicies in the world amazing

The tiger is no doubt one of the most exotic creatures on the planet. As one of the big cats, these animals come with a set of features that are unrivaled in the animal kingdom. It’s no wonder that the tiger is the real ‘king of the jungle!’

Keeping this in mind, here are some interesting facts about tigers we bet will blow your mind away!

  1. Tigers are Larger Than Lions
Source: Pexels

Newsflash; lions aren’t the biggest cats in the world. The undisputed heavyweight is the Royal Bengal Tiger. In fact, the male tiger weighs an astonishing 300 kilograms. That’s nearly six times the average weight of a normal human! Talk about packing the pounds, huh?

  1. A Tiger Slap Can Actually Kill You

Yes, tigers are massive. But their mammoth paws are a freak of nature. In fact, a single slap (and one with malice of course) from a full-grown tiger could have you end up in the hospital. Or worse, heading straight to the grave!

  1. Nocturnal By Nature
Source: Pexels

You can consider it a blessing to see a tiger roaming the jungle during a day. Heck, take as many photos as you like. The reality is that most tigers are nocturnal. They love to hunt for their prey in the dead of the night when light is minimal. Tigers also prefer the nightlife to avoid coming into conflict with humans during the day.

  1. Tiger Cubs are Born Blind

While a full-grown tiger might be anyone’s worst nightmare, the cubs are the most adorable and harmless things ever. Tiger cubs are born without sight, and most of them die from cold or hunger. They are even hunted by other male tigers that are not their biological fathers.

  1. Tigers are agile swimmers

Your cat might hate its daily bath, but tigers feel right at home in water. In fact, they’ve been documented to swim for hours and even fancy dining on a crocodile or two. So don’t ever think of diving into a lake if you’re faced by a tiger!

  1. Tigers live for a quarter-century
Source: Wallpaperflare

For a tiger, it’s a blessing to see their 25th birthday. That’s like 100 in cat years! Indeed, the oldest tiger was Flavel who lived to be 25 years and died in a zoo in Florida.

  1. It’s called an ambush, not a pride

While most tigers are solitary by nature, once in a while you will find a group of tigers living together. Whether forced by human encroachment or for survival, a group of tigers is known as an ambush. Pretty neat, huh

So these were top 7 amazingly awesome facts about the largest cat species i.e. Tigers. I hope you enjoyed reading.