July 15, 2020

Ensure a good organized wedding with this ultimate wedding planning checklist

Planning a wedding can be a complicated process especially when you’re working with a tight budget. Here is a checklist that you should use to simplify the process:

Celebra Dreams
Source: Celebra Dreams

Sixteen to Nine Months before the D-day

  • This is the ideal time to choose the general specifications for your wedding. They may include the colours, the venue, and the bridal team.
  • You should determine your working budget and ensure that you prepare your guest list. Last-minute rush can be detrimental!
  • Hire a planner to give you crucial insights that will make your wedding colourful
  • Find out the best service providers in town. You should ensure that you have several contacts for photographers, florists, caterers, and bands
  • To spice things up, you can engage your partner. Ensure that all the guests you invite for the engagement party are also on the wedding guestlist

8 months before the D-Day

  • As the wedding day approaches, it is time to start making commitments. You should start by booking your photographer and videographer.
  • If you have your favorite actors, you should attend several of their gigs to ensure that they’ll offer what you expect at your wedding
  • Meet your caterers and discuss the general expectations for the day. No need to get to the finer details at this stage
  • Start shopping for a dress early enough so that you have enough time for fitting and adjustments
  • Organise accommodation for all your guests. You should identify at least 3 hotels located near the wedding venue. No commitment is required at this stage
  • If you wish to launch a website, then this is the right time!

Seven to Six Months Before the D-Day

  • Book a florist
  • Start making arrangements for your honeymoon. Ensure that your passports are updated and that you meet all immigration requirements
  • Shop for bridesmaids. Ensure that they have enough time to fit the clothes 
  • Book your vehicles. Consider the vehicles for the bride, maids, and the guests
  • Work with your officiant to make a program for the day

Five to Four Months Before the D-Day

  • Check on the progress of your stationer in designing invitation cards
  • Select and order the cake 
  • Starting purchasing the shoes and fitting the wedding dress
  • Schedule for hair and make-up artists
  • Choose the music that you want to be played during the wedding

Three Months to the Wedding

  • This is the time to start getting to the nitty-gritty. Ensure that you finalize your guest list and settle for a specific reception venue
  • Talk to all your service providers about your preferences
  • Purchase your undergarments and the rings
  • Finalize your draft on the key speakers and the order of events

Two Months Before the Wedding

  • Meet with all your service providers for a one-on-one discussion about the day. Be specific on what you want to be done during your wedding day
  • Send your invitation cards to all expected guests
  • Review your playlist together with your deejay and the band
  • Arrange for a bachelorette party

One Month Before the Wedding 

  • Call guests who have not responded to your invitation
  • Get your marriage license
  • Send payments to all the service providers who have completed their job (planners and tailors)
  • Delegate tasks to your trusted friends
  • Confirm that everything is fine with all service providers
  • Book a spa treatment for manicure and pedicure

During the D-Day

  • Enjoy your day and prepare for honeymoon