May 14, 2021

Dog is found in forest — but then they make a shocking discovery

The approximately eight-month-old pitbull puppy was tied to a tree in the bitter cold. Her only refuge was a small plastic dog house. The poor puppy’s expression was heartbreaking. The vultures had been circling the hutch for a long time and were even sitting around the poor puppy in her hut. It turned out that the vultures were there for a reason.

Vultures are known as scavengers. They only feed on the carcasses of dead animals, whether they have died from natural causes or have recently been killed or injured. You can always know that a dying or dead animal is nearby when you see vultures circling in the sky. So, it didn’t make Steven feel good to see a large group of vultures circling.

What Steven did not know was that the group of vultures had not just appeared. They had actually been circling the poor puppy’s enclosure for a week — and she was about to give up the fight. Steven immediately called the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), although he didn’t know if they would be on time.

When the volunteers finally arrived, they were shocked by the scene in front of them. The puppy was shivering in her little plastic house. The vultures were surrounding her on the ground — she had nowhere to go. In fact, some bold vultures were already sitting on top of her small doghouse, as if claiming their future dinner.

The animal ambulance volunteers could see in the dog’s eyes that she had accepted her fate, but they had no intention of giving up on her! They began to scare the vultures away, who got the fright of their lives as they fled. The poor puppy was malnourished and clearly neglected. They quickly picked her up and brought her to safety. They left behind a special note.

The volunteers left a note for the dog’s owners, writing down the address and telephone number of the shelter, so they could pick her up. None of the volunteers thought that anyone was going to get her. But not much later, they received a remarkable call.

The dog was taken to Guilford County Animal Welfare Center, where she was cared for and treated for her wounds. She also received good food for the first time. Not much later, something shocking happened: Her owners called and promised to pick her up in a few days. But would they really come?

It was now up to the caretakers to get the puppy they had named Lilo used to humans again. The dog appeared to have been mistreated, causing her to lose all confidence in humans. She was scared and preferred to hide in a corner or under a cupboard. Her caregivers realized that the hardest part of the job was coming.

The days quickly turned to weeks, but the puppy’s owners never showed up. The asylum staff believed that it was better this way. Lilo was such a sweet puppy, and she deserved better than her previous owners. There was only one major problem: The shelter where Lilo was staying does not adopt out pit bulls. Due to the nature of the breed and its reputation, this was a fixed rule.

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds. They are often portrayed as violent, causing many housing corporations, municipalities, and even provinces to ban the breed. However, animal experts agree that they only get violent due to bad upbringing from bad owners. But luckily for Lilo, someone came up with a great idea.

One of the shelter staff found a rescue organization that existed solely to adopt pit bulls. They do this to prevent this breed from staying in shelters until their deaths. They decided to contact the Merit Pit Bull Foundation directly, which immediately agreed to take care of the sweet dog. It was a wonderful gesture, but she still had to be adopted by a loving family.

The Merit Pit Bull Foundation shared on both social media and offline publications that a loving family was wanted for the young puppy. Because Lilo was very young, they were hopeful because puppies can be trained easier. Not much later, they received a remarkable call.

Travis Henley and his girlfriend, Keana Lynch, had seen the photo of Lilo surrounded by vultures in a newspaper report and just knew they had to take her in. The first meeting soon showed that it was love at first sight for everyone. Not much later, Lilo got the surprise of her life.

Lilo has been with Travis and Keana for a year now and has a brother! Her brother was also adopted from an animal shelter, and the two are best friends. It seems like Lilo knows how lucky she is because she never stops smiling!

Lilo now behaves like the happy and healthy dog ​​she always should have been. She is at a healthy weight, and all her infections have disappeared. Travis and Keana immediately started training the puppy when she came to their house. Lilo is a sweet dog who listens and gets along well with children. And that ear-to-ear smile has never disappeared from her face!