March 29, 2020

Deer is rescued from the water by alert bystanders

Heavy rainfall had caused the water level in the Cedar River in the US state of Iowa to rise severely. This could cause problems.

That indeed turned out to be the case, when a man noticed from afar how a terrified young deer had fallen into the water and was likely to no longer get on dry land.

Source: Source: Throwback History

 The man decided to call the emergency number immediately, hoping that auxiliaries would be on the spot quickly. However, they had to disappoint him, as there was no one from the emergency services available to be able to come immediately.

It was as if the emergency services were not taking the call seriously. The man knew that every minute counted because the frightened animal could not move into any direction and the wild water and the strong current could easily drag the deer along with it.

Source: Source: Throwback History

Slowly, more people, who had spotted the little one in need began to gather around. It would not be long before the creature drowned, because it could hardly keep its head above the water.

A heroic local could no longer face the suffering of the deer and decided to jump into the dangerous water.

Source: Source: Throwback History

The man managed to attach a rope to the animal, after which he shouted to the people on the bridge to pull the poor deer up. And it worked! The heroic man also managed to bring himself to safety.

After both were back on dry land, all worries gave way to joy, so that everyone started clapping for the successful outcome. Thanks to the collaboration of the residents of the neighboring town.

Source: Source: Throwback History

The deer had to recover from the dangerous adventure. The animal was scared, wet and ice cold. But the locals also had a solution for this: they collected some blankets from their cars, which they wrapped the poor little one into.

In this way, the animal quickly returned to the right temperature, and it felt a lot better and safer again. Only when the rescue operation was over did the emergency services arrive on-site …

Source: Source: Pixabay

They apologized for not being aware of how urgent the report had been. They then took the deer in their car and drove it to the animal shelter. They checked it there and it should stay overnight.

A day later, when the little one was completely back to normal, it was released again. A happy end indeed!