July 15, 2020

Cute and romantic ideas to surprise you loved one

One of the hardest parts of a long term relationship is finding new ways to show your special someone how much you love them. Sometimes all that is needed is a smile, making her (or him) coffee, or asking about his/her day. On other occasions you need to do more, you need to do that little extra to show how special your partner is to you and why they are the person you want to spend your whole life with. This article will help you discover some new ways to surprise your loved one.

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Flowers are a timeless classic and we have almost become trained when to give them. Flowers are giving on birthdays, holidays and when we mess up. Have you heard that classic expression “I know he has done something wrong when he comes home with flowers”! It is time to prove that wrong, buy your loved one flowers when they least expect for no reason other than to say, I love you.

Love Letter

In the age of the internet and smartphones communication has become quick and easy, it is fantastic. However, there is something amazing about receiving a letter from a loved one that highlights how they feel. Not just because of the words that were written down but because of the effort you know they went to. Take some time out to write your partner a special letter.

Make Dinner 

Make your partner a special dinner. You don´t need to be a gourmet chef to impress her. Make a simple meal but put extra effort into the presentation and other things. Get her favorite bottle of wine, play her favorite music, when she comes to the door, immediately take her things and set them to one side. Get her favorite dessert to top it all off. Show her you are there to take care of her. 

Leave Clues

Get your partner´s favorite treat (chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.) and hide it somewhere in the house. Then create a scavenger hunt in your home, leaving clues to various locations around the house. This will show her you were thinking of her during the day and that even though you were busy you made time to do something special for her.

Give Her a Massage

You can find easy massage tutorials on youtube and learn them in 5 minutes. Buy some massage oil and cheap candles and set up the room. When your partner comes home from a long day they are exhausted and maybe a little stressed. Take them to the room, lie them down, and give them the surprise massage they never knew you were capable of.

In the end, it doesn´t matter exactly what you do. It is not the massage or the dinner that your partner loves, it’s you. Your loved one wants to see that you still care, still want to surprise, and are willing to be creative and dedicate time to them. Do something special for them when they least expect it and your partner will always realize how lucky they are to have you.