March 29, 2020

Creative ideas for romantic things to do with your partner

Relationships are tough. They require constant commitment and creativity. If you thought owning a puppy was hard, try having a relationship! You have to remember all the important dates, the birthdays, the anniversaries, the special moments. You also have to remember to spontaneously do things on unimportant dates. It can be exhausting. Below are some tips for those romantic moments to make your partner look at you with the same love she has since you first fell for each other.

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  1. Breakfast in Bed

It is a classic but it works. She wakes up, is tired, and the thought of making food is something she is really struggling with. Then all of a sudden she smells the unmistakable flavor of crispy bacon coming from the kitchen, a smile appears across her face. She knows her partner is treating her yet again. Bring your partner breakfast in bed to show you are willing to get out of bed early to allow her to stay there a little longer. It is a little reminder of the sacrifices you will make for her.

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       2. Leave Love Notes

Leave post-it notes around the house to remind her how much you love her. You can make it extra fun by hiding them in obscure places, not just in plain sight. She takes the milk carton from the fridge and when using it finds a note on the back saying “You are the milk to my cookie”. Although, I am sure you can think of better lines than that.

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3. Write her a Love Letter

Think back to the old day, I mean the really old days. Couples would write love letters all the time. In the modern age, we no longer do this but the impact is huge. Take the time out to write her a (minimum) 5-page letter telling her how you feel about her. Reminisce about earlier dates and special moments, dream about future moments, tell her your deepest romantic thoughts. It will be unforgettable. 

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4. Plan a Picnic

Take her somewhere special. Not just the standard park, take her to the cliffs, to the highest spot in town, somewhere different. Bring out a blanket and all her favorite foods. Play her favorite music. Bring out her favorite bottle of wine. Treat her! Don’t overdo it or she will think a proposal is coming, so be careful tying your shoes in front of her.

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All in all, keeping the romance in a relationship is about treating your partner as if it is a gift to have them around. Cherish every moment and spoil them when you can.