July 15, 2020

Cousins separated during the holocaust are reunited after 75 years

The Holocaust is one of the worst things that has ever happened in the history of humanity. The number of people that died and the manner that they were treated in is something that the world will never recover from and should take a lesson from to ensure history can repeat itself. This cruel act among so many crimes separated families forever and left brothers without sisters, husbands without wives, fathers without daughters and mothers without sons. While so many have never found each other again when a story of happiness emerges from these sorry times it has to be savored. Two cousins recently had one of these happy moments when after 75 years apart, they reunited.

Simon Mairowitz and Morris Sana were born and raised in Romania until the Nazis invaded in 1940. Both families fled Romania to evade the Nazis and went in opposite directions, likely to never see each other again and in fear of what would happen to their close cousin. The boys were lucky, while millions died in concentration camps during the war, both Simon and Morris managed to escape. 

While the internet has many faults and is often criticized for its anti-social impact on people. Sometimes the internet can bring people together. A niece of Morris was on Facebook, searching for family members when she came across the daughter of Simon. Daughter and niece shared what little they knew and realized what a fortunate break they had made.

Fast forward and Simon and Morris were able to reunite in Israel with plans to never lose touch again. The video is available to watch below. 

While such disasters will always bring terror and sadness, as humans we must strive to do better and to find and highlight any positive stories that come through. Love will always overcome evil as light always overcomes dark. Thanks to Simon and Morris for brightening our day.