April 3, 2020

Canadian people crowdfunded 3 million dollar to save beautiful nature

The environment is often in the news, but rarely for the right reasons. However recently a crowdfunding initiative in Canada managed to save an incredibly beautiful inlet that faced the possible sale to private companies that likely would have resulted in deforestation and worse. Instead the people of Canada stepped in and saved this resource so that they and the generations that follow can continue to enjoy the pristine scenery.


This is not the first time Crowdfunding has come to the rescue in this format. In 2016 a New Zealand beach went up for sale and a private seller wanted to purchase it and make it a private entrance to the beach. However, the people of New Zealand gathered together and purchased the beach for approximately US$1.7 million with around 40,000 donators. The purchase meant that people can freely access the beach for years to come.


In Canada, it went a step further. The Princess Louisa Inlet was purchased for the sum of US$3 million for around 2,000 acres. This ensured the conservation of the area´s natural beauty for years to come and the local parks foundation was thrilled, writing a letter to the supporters for protecting a “jewel” on Canada´s coast.

As the parks foundation noted, Canada does not have the pyramids of Egypt or the cathedrals of France. It doesn´t have the great wall of China nor the Statue of Liberty. Canada has are some of the finest nature in the world. With beautiful lakes, incredible waterfalls, and snowy mountains.


Canada is a treasure that must be preserved and it is fantastic to see the priorities of the people and how they take it into their own hands to save what they care about. It would be fantastic to see this further supported by public policy and hopefully now that people have shown what they what the government will follow suit.