October 26, 2020

Canada opens world’s longest hiking trail which stretches from coast to coast

The world has been largely conquered. Everest has been climbed. The far regions of the world discovered. Many think space is the next frontier because everything that can be done, has been done. Yet, occasionally a new feat will appear that some brave soul has accomplished, that no one thought possible. Recently a new feat has appeared and as yet, it seems no one has succeeded in accomplishing it. A trail in Canada spans almost 24,000km and stretches across the entire country.

Source: ANP

What is your greatest achievement in life? Many people can´t answer it. They spend their time within the regular confines of life without the courage to step outside and say, I want something more. Others are too busy, with kids, a mortgage and a job it can be impossible to escape the rat race of life to take aim at something truly special. However, isn’t that what life is about? Isn´t life about breaking new ground, new comfort zones and discovering this world we are so lucky to be a part of?

Source: YouTube

If you answered yes, then start trying to find something that suits you. It may be that Everest climb but if Nepal is too far away, perhaps you can set your sights on something a little closer to home. In Canada, a new trail has opened that is unique in its beauty and its length. Stretching 24,000km the trail took 25 years to be put in place and reaches both coasts. The trail is suitably called The Great Trail.  If you were to walk at a 7 minute per km pace for 10 hours a day the trail would take you almost 300 days. So this is no easy feat.

Source: The Great Trail

For those of you with an appetite for adventure but not quite feeling 24,000km, there is good news. The trail is, in fact, a linkage of numerous trails stretching across Canada. The trails are within a 30-minute drive for 4 out of 5 of all Canadians. This wonder of nature is accessible. You could choose to tackle all of it in a year or a decade. Or simply take on the leg of the journey close to your home or near one of the big cities. If Canada is too far for you, start to explore your area. You never know where the next adventure awaits.