March 28, 2020

Benefits of children that grow up with pets

For thousands of years, we have had an unbreakable connection with our pets. Everything from an indifferent iguana to an excited dog has found shelter in our homes. It seems that our ancestors knew the benefits of owning pets long before we did!

Pets are more than just companions. From a young age, they help guide and shape our children’s moral compass.

So, keeping this in mind, here are some advantages of raising your child with a pet by their side.

Pets Show Our Children Love and Kindness

Source: Pexels

The likes of dogs and cats always seem to have a soft spot for our kids. This can prove emotionally healthy especially for an only child, or a loner. The pet gives them an avenue to release their pent-up emotions, or provide comfort during troubling times.

Pets Teach Our Children Restraint

Owning a pet means you’ll have to clean up its mess at one point or another. Instead of always punishing the pet for every mistake it makes, your child will naturally restrain himself.

This kind of emotional intelligence is helpful in the long-run. It teaches your child to be patient and non-judgmental of other people’s mistakes.

The Value of Empathy

Source: Pexels

Having a pet under your care requires a lot of empathy. Your child naturally learns to read the pet’s emotional and physical needs. Is my dog hungry? Does my cat want to go play outside? Is my kitten scared? Not only do they learn to respond to these needs, but develop a sense of love and affection.

A Sense of Responsibility

The responsibility of owning a pet can be a daunting task. Not only do they have to feed them, but also clean up after them for any mess they make. At a young age, this can teach children the value of responsibility and handling your obligations.

Pets Can Be Very Therapeutic

Source: Pexels

 A number of studies have shown that owning a pet can reduce stress in both adults and children. In fact, children who suffer from autism can be calmed greatly if they have a pet to work with. Especially one that shows them great love and affection.

Nevertheless, always introduce your child to a common pet such as a dog or a cat. Note that pets like iguanas or snakes can be dangerous because of their unpredictable nature!