August 12, 2020

Beautiful baby zebra is born with spots instead of stripes

One of the amazing things about life is how it can continue to surprise us. Some things, we take for granted because we are so used to them. The food we eat, the job we have, the life we lead… it will be there forever? Some things we take for granted because they are laws of nature, giraffes are spotted, elephants have tusks, zebras have stripes, etc. The truth is we can´t take anything for granted because the laws of man and nature are there to be broken. This was seen recently in the plains of Africa when a Zebra was spotted with no stripes, but with spots!

Source: YouTube

In the Masai Mara national reserve of Kenya, an area of preserved savannah close to Tanzania is a beautiful area of the world with wildlife living freely. Think cheetahs, elephants, lions and of course …zebras. 

Recently an incredibly rare sight was spotted (excuse the pun) when a zebra was photographed by Antony Tira with SPOTS, not stripes. The oddity is caused by a rare melanin disorder resulting in a pigment that is far darker than is usually seen in a zebra. Think the opposite of albino and you in the right ballpark.

While this wonder is amazing to watch, it will face difficulties in life because of its condition. Those stripes serve a purpose. They help zebras to hide in the long grass and can help to regulate temperature under the African sun. Without these stripes, this little Zebra will stick out from the rest of the pack and may face trouble from predators or from within his own herd.

Let´s hope the little wonder makes it through and that nature keeps surprising us in such wonderful ways. There is surely a lesson here in cherishing the unique aspects we are each born with, the unique things that we sometimes try to hide. Be yourself, be the spotted zebra and conquer the world.