February 16, 2020

Bears wave at woman during a safari

While on vacation, a couple in Washington, USA, decided to go to the Olympic Game Farm in their region for a day. The park is located on the border of Canada, in the northwest of the country. The ‘farm’ has vast grounds where different animal species live on. The animals were saved and ended up in the park. There they live in reasonable freedom, often getting so used to people that visitors can get close to the animals. People can drive through the park at a slow pace, with many animals moving around freely. It is, so to speak, a small safari park in which, among other things, deer, wolves, bison, and bears live and are being cared for.

Source: YouTube

And so the animals on this farm live in freedom. They can go – to a certain extent – wherever they want to, and they are also taken care of properly. They would not survive in the wild, so this seems to be a perfect place for them. The lady we see on the screenshot above is very enthusiastic as she drives her car through the park with her boyfriend. When they see a large brown bear sitting comfortably on the side of the road, they decide to switch off the engine of the car. Calmly, the huge animal looks at the couple in the car. Nothing seems to be wrong. Then the woman decides to put her right hand out of the window and right towards the animal. It results in a remarkable situation that even her friend – who is filming the entire scene – did not expect!

The woman moves her hand to the bear and waves at him. With a low voice, she shouts “Bye!” to the big, hairy animal. And it turns out that it knows exactly what the lady is doing. The bear sits down on its rear and throws its huge paws into the air. Then the bear waves back. Watch the great reaction of the bear in the video at the end of this article. It is too cute to even describe in words and it even seems as though the bear has done this more often. Unfortunately, it is only a very short excerpt, we would have liked to enjoy this moment a little longer. Watch the great video of the ‘waving’ bear below: