August 12, 2020

BBC made a video of the world’s smallest cat and it’s adorable

Cats are adorable! They have mastered the art of befriending human beings and a significant number of homes domesticate these feline creatures.

BBC shared a video that shows how cats have continually devised techniques to improve their relationship with human beings.

Source: Wikipedia

The video features the world’s smallest feline whose fur is dotted with extraordinary rusty spots. In the video, the cat is seen exploring its immediate environment with an insatiable urge to discover as much information as possible about its surroundings.

Just like any other feline creature, the rusty-spot dotted cat has a strong sense of sight and smell which is a crucial survival tactic. As the adorable creature meows magnificently, it’s difficult to ignore its holistic beauty!

The cat is the smallest of all feline species in the world. A fully-grown male adult can easily be mistaken for a kitten. You may carry it on your palm comfortably!

The clever creature takes advantage of its size to hide from dangers. It can camouflage with dry leaves thus guaranteeing ease of hunting as well as safety.

In the video, it can be seen going underneath the leaves expertly leaving everyone struggling to figure out where it disappeared to! They are just a spectacle to watch.

The rusty-spotted cats are found in Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and and parts of Nepal. They enjoy living in moist and dry forests but can also live comfortably in thickets, rocks, and areas with dense vegetation.

Due to their spectacular beauty, the Governments of India and Sri Lanka have instituted legal measures to protect them from hunters who may be interested in their meat and skin. They have outlawed any activity that may threaten their existence.

It’s dwindling population is worrying. Recently, these feline species were listed on IUCN Red List as “Near Threatened”.

If you find one, ensure that you safeguard with everything you have to avoid their extinction.