August 12, 2020

Baby sloths have catchy smiles on their face which will you smile as well

Many people admire the lion for its ferocity, the bear for its strength, the jaguar for its speed. All great traits. But is there anything greater than its sloth? It is the laziest animal alive and incredibly cute. Today we show you some of the cutest sloth pictures out there. We dare you not to fall in love with them.

We all love sloths because of their cheeky grin. Check out this sloth who looks like he is celebrating a win. Maybe a female sloth said she would go on a date with him? Maybe he won the slothery? Who knows. 

lazy sloth
Source: lazy sloth

Sloths are incredible creatures they move slowly and their main form of defense is moving so slow that vegetation grows on them, acting as a natural camouflage. What a lazy solution to living in the jungle!

If there is one thing cuter than a sloth, it is a baby sloth. Check out this shot of mother and baby slowly making their way. 

sloth baby and mum
Source: sloth baby and mum

That baby looks like it is holding on for dear life, but something tells me that mama sloth is not going too fast. The sloth travels at a top speed of 0.24 kilometers per hour so they are not going anywhere soon. 

This next picture is the one you have been hoping for. An adorable smiling baby sloth. I think I just died and went to sloth picture heaven. 

sloth baby
Source: sloth baby

You know when you are a kid and then grow up and have to move out of home and figure life out? Well, sloths have a better solution. When the baby is ready, the mother moves out of the home and leaves the young sloth the habitat to enjoy. It sounds like a better approach to me!

Cute photos aside. Sloths are still an endangered species in some places. Their slow movements leave them open to predators. Worse than this their habitats are being destroyed. Rainforests are being cut down for things like palm oil and it is having a terrible impact on sloths and their ecosystem. Do what you can to help these cheeky sloths before it is too late.

cheeky sloth
Source: cheeky sloth