July 15, 2020

Amazing 11-year old skateboarder wants to be part of the Olympics of 2020

The Olympics is the pinnacle of human achievement. To be an olympian means that you have become one of the greatest individuals on the planet at a certain sport. It acknowledges your physical prowess, your intelligence, and your skill. For many it is just a dream, for others, it is a lifetime of dedication just to get a chance and for a small few it is a reality. For 11-year old Sky Brown, that dream could be realized as soon as next year. 

Source: Twitter

Sky is a skateboarder of Japenese and British descent and travels the world competing in skateboard competitions despite only being 11 years old. She has been competing since the age of 7 and is breaking new ground in the sport on a consistent basis. 

Now Sky faces her greatest challenge. She is part of the GB Olympic Team and hopes to represent Britain at the 2020 Olympic games. This would be a lifetime achievement for anyone but achieve such a feat at the age of 11 or 12 would be truly remarkable. 

One of the truly unique aspects of Sky´s approach to the sport is that she doesn´t have a trainer. She simply watches others, tries, learns and achieves. Surely a sign of a true innovator in the sport and a maverick in the game. 

For anyone who has tried skateboarding, it is one of the hardest sports to master because you don´t learn on snow or water, you learn on concrete. Failing hurts and getting back up again takes real courage, not just to face your limitations but to face that impact again and again. Sky Brown had this incredible resolve since she was 7 years old and it is this resolve that has led her to the Olympic team today.

2020 will be the first year that skateboarding is included as an Olympic sport, if you didn’t have a reason to watch before, now you do. See the video below for some of her insane skills.