October 1, 2020

A beautiful story about friendship

Friendship is one of the most powerful bonds that exist in life. We can go years without seeing a friend and when we do, slip right back into our comfortable conversations. Our friends can put us through some tough times, but no matter what, we know we must always be there for them when they need us, after all, that is what friends are for. One great story that summarises the importance of friendship is that of ‘The Desert Drama’

friends pixabay
Source: friends pixabay
  1. Remember the good times.

Two friends, John and Kevin, were walking in a hot desert. The day was long. The sun was high. They got bored and angry. As they became hungry and thirsty they started to argue. Their arguments got more and more heated until finally, John lost control and hit Kevin in the face. Kevin did not react immediately. He paused and turned away from Kevin. He picked up a stick and wrote in the sand “Today Kevin went too far and hit me”. Kevin saw this, he was perplexed but felt guilty and decided not to comment. They continued walking until they reached an oasis. 

They were able to satisfy their thirst and soon their moods lifted. However, they were still very tired and John struggled in the water and started to drown. Kevin came to his rescue and brought him back to shore. John smiled, thanked his friend and turned away again. This time he found a small sharp rock. He started to carve into a stone “Today Kevin went so far for me, he saved my life”. Again, Kevin saw John writing this and had to ask.

“John, why did you write in the sand when I hit you earlier and now you write in stone?”. John smiled and said to Kevin “My friend when you wrong me, it hurts, but I let it go as the winds move the sand. When you do something for me, it makes my heart swell with pride and nothing can make me forget it, it is carved into me forever.”

The moral of the story is simple. Over a lifetime you and your friends will have arguments, they will hurt. Many times you will be in the right, sometimes you will be in the wrong. In the end, it doesn´t matter. You need to forgive them and forget. When they do something good for you, you must cherish it forever. This is what friendship is about and why friends are so important. They help us when we are in need and make us better versions of ourselves.