March 28, 2020

94-Year-old Jimmy Carter builds charity homes a few months after surgery

Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States will always be known for this great position he held. However, it´s his post-presidential achievements that are often why we hold him in such high esteem. Now at the age of 94 and after recent surgery, Carter continues to build homes for those in need.

Source: Pixabay

Carter and his wife have long worked with the charity Habitats for Humanity and since doing so the pair have built over four thousand houses across almost 15 countries. The Independent once wrote that Carter is “widely considered a better man than he was a president” reflecting the altruistic nature that he has taken upon himself in his retirement.

Recently Carter fell and needed surgery to have a hip replacement. A hip replacement is no small surgery and the doctors told him he needed considerable rest. However, at 94 years old Carter and his wife are already making plans for building more houses where they can. The needs of the poor and desperate do not wait so how can Carter. 

With such passion for helping people, we can´t help but look inwards and examine why we don´t help our fellow man more. Ignore the fact that Carter is a former president. A 94-year-old man recovering from hip replacement surgery deserves the headline here. We must ask ourselves what is our reason (or excuse) for not doing more for those with less.

Take this article as the push you need. Do one kind deed for someone that you know or don´t know this week. While we all have busy lives and we all have a long list of issues we need to solve in our own lives, there is always someone worse off. Take a minute to think about those with less and how you can help them today.